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The CodeLock CL1200 has been designed to fit applications where traditional mechanical cam locks has been protecting.  This lock can be opened 50,000 times with 2 AAA batteries.  There is a battery failure feature in which a 9 volt battery is placed against terminals on the outside of the CL1200. 

The finish is Silver Grey and it is constructed out of Zinc Alloy with Stainless Steel Buttons that have an audible press. 

The 4 levels of codes the Master, Sub-Master and the User and Technician Codes.  The Functions are the Normal or standard function, the Repeat Code Mode, the Single User Mode.  The lock can also be programmed to open after a preset time of 2,4,6,8,10 hours.


  • 50,000 Openings on 2 AAA batteries
  • External battery failure feature
  • Constructed of Zinc Alloy with stainless steel buttons
  • Silver Grey Finish
  • 4 levels of codes; Master, Sub-Master, User and Technician Codes
  • Multiple Code and opening functions


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Power:                       2 - 1.5 AAA Batteries

Operations:               50,000 Openings

Low Battery:             When lock signals “Low Battery”  there will be 100 additional openings.

Memory:                    Non-Volatile memory will be retained when changing batteries.

Battery Override:     A 9volt battery can be placed against the external contacts.

Material:                    Zinc Alloy

Door Thickness:       1/4” (6mm) up to 1” (25mm)

Buttons:                    Stainless steel buttons with audible press.

Finish:                       Silver Grey

Codes:                       Cabinet Lock has 4 code levels; Master code, Sub-Master Code, User Code and Technician Code.

Auto-Unlock:            Lock can be programmed to open after a preset time 2,4,6,8,10 hours.

The cabinet locks codes supplies with two factory preset codes.
Master Code:             11 33 55 77
User Code:                 22 44
Change both codes after lock has been installed.
All Master Codes are 8 digits long. All User Codes are 4 digits long.


Repeat Code Mode.......
This is the default function and programmed in all new locks. This is used when the same codes will
be repeatedly used.

Single User Mode (Locker Mode)
The user enters a single use code to open the lock one time, then will be erased. This is used for
short term use such as lockers.

The lock will now remain open until the next single code is entered into the lock.

External Dimensions:
Length:           5 3/8” (141mm)

Width:             1 5/8”  (41mm)

Depth:            1 1/2”  (38mm)

1 1/2” to Top of Handle

Click HERE to Download the Installation Instructions:


Click HERE to Download the Installation Template:


The CL1200 Cabinet Locks can be installed on:
Cabinets, lockers, medical carts, and other OEM products.

Please read our Technical Specifications and Programming Instructions to familiarize yourself
with the operation of the CL1200.

Installation Guide:

A. Replacing existing cam lock with the CL1200

  1.  Remove existing cam lock.
  2.  Place template over hole left by cam lock and mark upper fixing hole.
  3.  Drill the two ¼” (6mm) fixing holes.
  4.  Fit lock to door with gasket in place using fixing bolts. Cut bolts to correct length. Measured from beneath  the bolt head, the length should be the cabinet thickness, plus approximately ½” ( 12mm).
  5.  From the inside of the door select and fit appropriate cam spindle and cam using cam fixing bolt supplied. The length of cam and spindle selected to suit your door and frame.
  6.  Before closing the door check the operation of the lock with Master and User Code.
  7.  Change the Factory Code…NOW!!

B. New Installation:

  1. Place template on door and mark upper and lower 6mm fixing holes and 16mm spindle hole.     Important     note: Before drilling fixing holes, please ensure that the position of the Cabinet Lock when fitted    will allow enough clearance for selected cam to work.
  2. Drill all three fixing holes.
  3. Continue installation from step 4 to 7, above.


CL1200 Blow Out

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