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Cobra Lock® Universal PUCK Padlock with Medeco M3 (KEYS SOLD SEPARATELY)

SKU: TF8025
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 The Cobra Lock® Universal PUCK® padlock is made of hardened steel and has no visible shackle.  It comes with the Medeco M3 lock cylinder and is upgradable.

Padlocks Featurers:

  • This Padlock is protected by a U.S. Patent
  • Comes with the Medeco M3 Lock Cylinder
  • Solid steel body
  • Shackle is not visible, therefore cannot be cut
  • These padlocks can be keyed alike or keyed different  (We DO NOT charge extra for Keyed Alike)

This padlock measures 2 7/8" wide x 1 1/2" thick and has a Flat Back.

See how easy it is to change the lock cylinder!!

The Cobra 7 Lock Cylinder is a higher security replacement cylinder for traditional tubular locks.  By using our patented  7- sided design we can increase the security of traditional locks. We add an anti-drill dimple to provide drill protection.

  • 7- sided lock front and key for added security
  • Anti-drill dimple on the lock front for drill protection
  • Dead bolt locking system
  • Patented Protection

The CobraMatic 7 Lock Cylinder has 8 user changeable lock codes. The Change key is used to change the lock to to one of the eight built in lock codes. There is no visible indication as to the current lock code. Each code is reusable. The CobraMatic 7 comes with our Patented 7-sided lock front and matching key. For additional security it has our anti-drill ball on the lock face.

  • 8-User changeable lock codes
  • 7-Sided lock front and key for added security
  • Anti-Drill dimple on the lock front dor drilling protection
  • Patented Protection

The Medeco Lock Cylinder is a high security lock with patented key protection. Its UL approved design helps to protect against physical attacks such as drilling and cutting.  This lock is virtually pick proof due to the precise interaction between the lock cylinder and the key.

  • Key Control protects against unauthorized key duplication
  • UL approved design
  • Virtually pick proof with extensive keying capabilities

The Abloy Lock Cylinder is a high security lock with patented protection.  The shell, face and locking bolt are all made of steel to provide exceptional drilling protection.  This lock uses "Rotating Discs" instead of pins which gives it a very high resistance to environmental conditions such as rain and snow.

  • Steel shell, face and locking bolt
  • High drill protection
  • Very high resistance to rain, snow and other environmental conditions



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