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Flat-Back Hardened Steel Cone-Shaped Padlock

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PACLOCK’s 2177 Hockey Puck-Style Padlock offers extreme security with an innovative design — the unique cone-shaped tip protects the lock from a frontal attack since a drill tip can’t get a solid footing on the lock surface to drill into the lock. The 2177 is precision CNC machined in the USA for quality and dependability and comes standard with a 6-pin bump and pick resistant rekeyable cylinder.

The 2177 has a flat-back to fit shrouded Hasps and tapped holes specifically designed to fit American Lock®’s A801 HASP and PACLOCK’s PL770 and PL775 1/4” steel Hasps — this allows the lock to stay connected to the HASP when opened. The solid body 2177 is machined from hardened steel, electroless nickel plated for extreme toughness, and resistant to the environment.

The 2177’s hidden shackle design protects your lock from direct access by bolt cutters and hacksaws. With only one moving part, the 2177 lacks the environmental vulnerabilities that traditional, shackled padlocks have. Even after years of exposure to the elements, this lock will still function.


  1. Bolt cutter proof
  2. Flat back design
  3. Drill resistant cone shaped design
  4. (7) Tapped mounting holes on the back of the lock to secure to door/hasp
  5. Solid hardened steel body
  6. Pick and bump resistant technology
  7. Security pins
  8. Bypass and shim proof
  9. Key changes available: 40,000+
  10. Cylinder included
  11. Keys included: 2
  12. Country of origin: USA
  13. BAA/TAA compliant
  14. U.S. Patent Pending


  1. Body material: hardened steel
  2. Body width: 2-7/8″
  3. Shackle material: Steel
  4. Shackle diameter: 13/32″
  5. Keyway: P0, PR1, PR2
  6. Cylinder: 5 or 6-pin standard rekeyable


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