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> SFIC Locks and Hardware

Padlock that accepts SFIC lock core
SFIC Padlock

Solid Brass Padlock  that accepts the standard SFIC lock Cylinder. Has 26D finish and a 1" hardened steel shackle.

Arrow Pointe SFIC Core
Arrow SFIC (IC) Lock Cylinder

The Arrow Pointe SFIC Core is available in either the Arrow format or the Best@Lock core.  This lock is a 7-pin format.

Keymark X4
KeyMark X4 SFIC Lock Cylinder

KeyMark X4 Small Format Interchangeable Cores (SFIC) provide utility patented key control for applications that don't require a UL listed cylinder.

Lever Door Lock SFIC
Arrow SFIC GL Series Lever Lock

The Arrow GL Series SFIC Lever Lock is a Grade 1 heavy duty lock that accepts the industry standard SFIC lock cores.  SFIC lock cores provide the user with the ability to easily change the lock cylinder and therefor the lock combination

SFIC Deadbolt Lock
Arrow D Series SFIC Deadbolt Lock

Arrow D Series SFIC or IC Deadbolt Lock has Grade 1 compliance.  This Deadbolt is a heavy duty solution when using SFIC lock cores.  Comes with enhanced security features.

Medeco Maxum Deadbolt
Medeco Maxum Deadbolt Locks

The Medeco® Maxum SFIC Deadbolt Lock is a Grade 1 commercial deadbolt that provides an outstanding combination of cylinder options and performance.   Prepared for SFIC use.