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Solid Key Rings
Tamper Proof Key Rings
Unique ID Serial Number
SOLID Tamper Proof Key Rings
Smooth Seal

Solid Tamper Proof Key Rings

SKU: KS45080
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Tamper Proof Key Rings (Solid) come in five different sizes from 1" to 4". These rings are made of stainless steel 4mm thick.  Each Tamper Proof Key Ring has a unique serial number and once sealed these rings cannot be re-opened.


Product Features:

  • Solid rings are stainless steel 4mm thick
  • Each ring comes with a unique serial number
  • Once sealed these rings cannot be re-opened
  • Once sealed keys are free to rotate the full 360 degrees of the ring to prevent bunching

Please see our Closing, Crimping and Cutting tools.

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This Video will show you how these key rings work.


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